Blockchain Assets Course

Our flagship course covering the full range of Blockchain Education. We begin by understanding where you are in your journey and tailor the course to you.We then take a deep look at the current economic system, before providing you practical steps to empower yourself using Blockchain technology and its associated ownership benefits. 

Over 5 hours of education and skills that help propel your understanding of WHY the Blockchain is disrupting how the World operates and your opportunities in that change. 


course Refresher

A one HOUR refresher of the main course. Including the LATEST updates on Coins, Projects and Platforms at the time you take the refresher. Ideal to bring you up to speed with the very latest in Blockchain. 

Particpants must have completed the main course

Digital Business Masters Academy

Educate - Empower - Decentralise

Our Vision

We are a community of Blockchain enthusiasts, users, owners and coaches working to help individual and businesses understand and use the technology 
We want to help as many people as we can realise the benefits of Blockchain Technology as a means to create more efficiency, ownership, empowerment and control in their lives and business activities 
Work with us via our FREE Academy Workshops, covering all major timezones. Enhance and accelerate you ability to utilise the Blockchain with our popular Courses and LIVE Webinars.

Our Skills

Decentralised Finance & Staking
Smart Contracts
Blockchain Asset Leverage

The DBM Academy

Work with our team of experienced coaches across the wide range of activites, skills and practices available on the Blockchain.
Learn to own digital assets, put them to work, leverage and create your own cashflow eco systems.
Build this over time to empower yourself through Asset ownership and multiple streams of income in an interconnected Blockchain World
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