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Blockchain Beginners

The ultimate crypto beginner course. You will learn all about what Blockchain is, how to buy it, store it, trade it and keep it safe! You will also learn what altcoins are, why we have different families of altcoins such as stable coins and how you can invest in and trade any crypto currency you like! 

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Defi Income 101

Learn what the DBM Defi Loop is, how we access it and how we leverage the layers in the loop to create perpetual cashflow. Discover our preferred vehicles on which to accelerate your Layer One blockchain asset position and how to push those assets around the loop  to create Income you OWN.


Blockchain Assets Course

Our ultimate guide to Blockchain Technologies and position as you take full control of your portfolio and put YOUR assets to work every day. Learn about the difference between Currency and Money, why immutability and privacy are key. Understand Utility and Stable Coins and how they are backed by true value. Put Tokenomics to work for you.


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Smart Contracts

Learn how we position into Smart Contracts on the Blockchain to put our Assets to work in society. Leverage Property,  Gold and Digital based Assets into income by putting the contracts into existence for use by others. Learn how we use crowdfund 2.0 platforms to provide education, power utility, gaming and finance to people all over the world.

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Trading for Beginners

Learn how to set yourself and you Assets up for success with Trading. We look at he basics on this popular course to ensure you enter the tools available with full awareness and knowledge before you put your Assets to work. Get ahead of your business with Trading for Beginners

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FREE LIVE Webinars

Join us LIVE every week for a series of workshops and webinars designed to ensure you are up to speed with Blockchain technology as it evolves and becomes mass adopted by individuals, companies and institutions.

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Featured Workshops

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Learning & Earning in Blockchain - Staking Defi and Alts

Join Jilly and Peter every week LIVE in the DBM Academy! 

Your weekly interactive workshop to discuss Staking, Defi and Altcoin gems within the Blockchain. If you're interested inputting your crypto assets to work and earning a passive income, we will present some practical strategies and information to help achieve this! 

10am GMT LIVE every FRIDAY......HERE

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Blockchain with Defi!

Join this call to hear about • How to create cash flow from Assets • Layer 1: Accumulation • Layer2 : Interest • Binance Smart Chain • Hot DeFi News

Join Hans every Wednesday 6.3 0pm GMT / 7.30pm CET HERE


Look At What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

  • "Until I reached out to DBM I wasn't getting ahead financially, facing constant struggle and unsure of my future. Now educated in a way I never knew existed I feel more secure and happier knowing I have positioned myself in gold and blockchain assets. I highly recommend having DBM as a mentor in this process"

    Karen Leslie Rowe
    Living Life to the Full

  • "I have worked closely with DBM for over 5 years and learnt so much about Asset ownership on and off the blockchain. We are delighted with what we have been able to achieve these past few years and look forward to a bright future"

    Lorraine Crosse
    My Golden Independence 

  • "I was introduced to blockchain and crypto currencies a couple of years ago and was immediately overwhelmed and confused. I found DBM during my research and the rest is history. There is no better source of education about this area of Asset ownership than DBM. I am blessed to have them as a mentor"

    Page Brockman
    Raven Rock Consulting

  • Digital Business Masters achieves that rare combination of in depth, comprehensive financial education combined with practical applications open to all that work in the fast moving world of blockchain technology. Our future is more secure thanks to our work with DBM" 

    Robin Morton
    22nd Century Gold

  • "I am so grateful I found DBM back in 2016 while trying to navigate the minefield of information. There are so many opportunities open to us in the digital space, but careful selection is key. Our results with the help of DBM over the years speak for themselves"  

    Sarah Mattingley 

    B2B Solutions Ltd.

  • "I have been working with DBM for over 2 years and have achieved results I did not know were possible. Sean has been a friend, mentor and colleague over this time and has inspired me to follow the DBM teachings. We look forward to more success going forward and as the Blockchain space develops" 

    Moira Gray
    Legacy Asset Builders